We Are

At Orchard Grooming, we totally groom dogs, and sometimes, we also squish their little faces.

Our services make your pooch look, smell and feel great. Then they won’t embarrass you in public.

Orchard Grooming is based at a wonderfully new salon in Southam, just outside of Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We are also within easy reach of Prestbury, Winchcombe, Swindon Village, Stoke Orchard, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill, Bishops Cleeve and the surrounding area.

Orchard Dog Grooming Salon Equipment Bishops Cleeve Cheltenham Square Rounded

Come And See The Salon

Before you book, feel free to drop in and check the new salon out.

Orchard Grooming Woodmancote Stoke Orchard Southam Cheltenham

Dog Grooming Services

Probably a good idea to see what we can do for your dog P.S. we know it's for you really 😉



We off a welcoming and safe environment for your dog. See what our customers think.

Why Choose Us

(we only groom dogs – not birds)


Orchard Grooming is owned and run by Loren who trained and qualified at Hartbury College.


Grooming dogs is the perfect opportunity to spend time with...dogs, cause we love it, like, a lot!


In addition to the training, qualifications and love, we also have a fab salon in which to pamper your pooch.


Just outside Cheltenham in Southam we cover, Bishops Cleeve, Woodmancote, Prestbury, Stoke Orchard, Winchcombe and the surrounding area.

The new reception at Orchard Dog Grooming in Southam, Cheltenham

The owners, not the dogs….

Testimonial Orchard Dog Grooming Cockapoo
Rolo Testimonila Orchard Dog Grooming Southam Cheltenham
Bob - Cockapoo
Wayne M
Rolo - Springer Spaniel
Mike A

Meet Loren

Loren runs the place and will be de-fuzzing and washing your best friend. Before you blindly entrust Loren,
 you’ll want to know if she has any idea what she is doing. Course she does, big time, trained loads at Hartpury College

Loren Organ Founder of Orchard Dog Grooming Woodmancote Cheltenham Gloucestershire Square RoundedLoren Organ Founder of Orchard Dog Grooming Woodmancote Cheltenham Gloucestershire Square Rounded

Pricing and Services

Book your dog in for a grooming session at our new salon, we think you'll love it and keep coming back - we aim for customer satisfaction at all times. We offer Wash and Blow Dry, Essential and Luxury Grooming and Hand Stripping.


All dog breeds are different and require a different approach


OK, let's talk hybrid designer dog - Cockapoo in this case. Cockapoo's have gorgeous coats and not all coats are…
English Show Cocker Spaniel after a visit to Orchard Grooming

Cocker Spaniel

A Cocker Spaniel is a popular English breed of Spaniel and come as either Show Cocker or Working Cocker. We…
Labradors are beautiful dogs and we love having them at Orchard Grooming Woodmancote


A Labrador is a very popular dog around The Cotswolds. They make great family pets and as a working dog…
Springer Spaniel Groomed Orchard Dog Grooming Cheltenham Southam Bishops Cleeve Woodmancote

Springer Spaniel

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