Labradors are beautiful dogs and we love having them at Orchard Grooming Woodmancote

A Labrador is a very popular dog around The Cotswolds. They make great family pets and as a working dog do some many jobs. An incredible breed and the go to choice for Guide Dogs.

At first glance you might think they don’t need grooming. Of course all dogs do. However, their coat doesn’t suffer from matting or get long and tangled in knots. Boy, do they moult though, they shed dog hair constantly.

Any lab owner will know from their homes, that a a Labrador’s fur gets everywhere. Giving them a good brush at least once a week can help with this.

Labrador’s are double coated and have moulting seasons to help keep themselves feeling comfortable in different weather, this all needs managing.

Labrador in our bath at Orchard Grooming Cheltenham
Labrador in our bath at Orchard Grooming Southam, Gloucestershire.

Both washing and grooming your Labrador will keep your dog feeling comfortable and reduce the volume of hair around your home, keeping you comfortable.

You’ll want to consider having your Labrador professionally groomed every 6 to 10 weeks. Giving them a good brush weekly and massaging wash when needed, will help stretch this out.

To book yours in you can contact us here – we cover Southam, Woodmancote, Cheltenham, Bishops Cleeve, Winchcombe, Stoke Orchard and the surrounding area.


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