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A number of things make it important to look after the coat of your Springer Spaniel. They have a lot of energy, they’re renowned for it. Lots of energy means that on their very long walks they get up to all sorts of mischief, making their coats a mess.

Rolo Testimonila Orchard Dog Grooming Southam Cheltenham
Orchard Dog Grooming Southam Cheltenham

Springer Spaniels can also be a rather fluffy pooch, their coats often suffer from matting and knots, especially those dangly ears. The ears are another area that requires attention, a warm haven and breeding ground for bacteria if they get wet or not kept clean.

If your Springer Spaniel is a working dog, you’ll know what a mess they can get into during their adventures.

Regular, at least weekly. brushing their coats will prevent much of this. Giving them a good bath when needed and of course check their ears for redness or excess dirt.

This all adds up to a rather high maintenance dog, albeit magnificent and beautifully natured. But then, all dogs need grooming.

Springer Spaniels are double coated, an outer layer which is water proof and a softer undercoat. They will also moult and shed these coats a couple of times per year – and this can be a nightmare for your home.

If you would like Orchard Grooming to professionally groom your Springer Spaniel get in touch here. We cover Cheltenham, Bishops Cleeve, Southam Woodmancote, Winchcombe, Stoke Orchard and the surrounding area.

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