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OK, let’s talk hybrid designer dog – Cockapoo in this case.

Cockapoo’s have gorgeous coats and not all coats are the same, dependent on how much Cocker Spaniel and Poodle you have in your dog. Is it an F1 Cockapoo or F2 (two Cockapoo’s making puppies)?

Bob here is an F1, he’s a mix of a Working Cocker Spaniel and he is a working dog too – so his coat will be slightly different than a Show Cocker.

Cockapoo Bob Orchard Dog Grooming Southam Cheltenham
Bob is an F1 Cockapoo mixed from a Working Cocker Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle.

No matter what their mix, they are all prone to matting, like loads, which can cause them some discomfort.

Just a few minutes brushing your Cockapoo everyday or even every other day, can prevent this from happening. It’ll also reduce grooming duration in the salon, which means your pooch can experience a more comfortable and enjoyable pamper and save you money in the long term 😊 happy brushing 💕🛁🐶✂️

Cockapoo’s usually need grooming every six weeks.

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English Show Cocker Spaniel after a visit to Orchard Grooming

Cocker Spaniel

A Cocker Spaniel is a popular English breed of Spaniel and come as either Show Cocker or Working Cocker. We have many Working Cockers around Cheltenham and The Cotswolds, many of them working dogs.

They have double coats consisting of a top coat and an undercoat – it’s the undercoat that sheds and the area we focus on removing during grooming.

Throughout a year a Cocker Spaniel will shed continuously and moderately which will accelerate during shedding season twice a year.

Loren Organ Founder of Orchard Dog Grooming Woodmancote, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
Loren Organ Founder of Orchard Dog Grooming Woodmancote, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

On average an you have yours groomed between 6 and 12 weeks, their double coat will moult excessively the longer it’s left.

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Read more about Cocker Spaniels on the Kennel Club Website

Labradors are beautiful dogs and we love having them at Orchard Grooming Woodmancote


A Labrador is a very popular dog around The Cotswolds. They make great family pets and as a working dog do some many jobs. An incredible breed and the go to choice for Guide Dogs.

At first glance you might think they don’t need grooming. Of course all dogs do. However, their coat doesn’t suffer from matting or get long and tangled in knots. Boy, do they moult though, they shed dog hair constantly.

Any lab owner will know from their homes, that a a Labrador’s fur gets everywhere. Giving them a good brush at least once a week can help with this.

Labrador’s are double coated and have moulting seasons to help keep themselves feeling comfortable in different weather, this all needs managing.

Labrador in our bath at Orchard Grooming Cheltenham
Labrador in our bath at Orchard Grooming Southam, Gloucestershire.

Both washing and grooming your Labrador will keep your dog feeling comfortable and reduce the volume of hair around your home, keeping you comfortable.

You’ll want to consider having your Labrador professionally groomed every 6 to 10 weeks. Giving them a good brush weekly and massaging wash when needed, will help stretch this out.

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Springer Spaniel Groomed Orchard Dog Grooming Cheltenham Southam Bishops Cleeve Woodmancote

Springer Spaniel

A number of things make it important to look after the coat of your Springer Spaniel. They have a lot of energy, they’re renowned for it. Lots of energy means that on their very long walks they get up to all sorts of mischief, making their coats a mess.

Rolo Testimonila Orchard Dog Grooming Southam Cheltenham
Orchard Dog Grooming Southam Cheltenham

Springer Spaniels can also be a rather fluffy pooch, their coats often suffer from matting and knots, especially those dangly ears. The ears are another area that requires attention, a warm haven and breeding ground for bacteria if they get wet or not kept clean.

If your Springer Spaniel is a working dog, you’ll know what a mess they can get into during their adventures.

Regular, at least weekly. brushing their coats will prevent much of this. Giving them a good bath when needed and of course check their ears for redness or excess dirt.

This all adds up to a rather high maintenance dog, albeit magnificent and beautifully natured. But then, all dogs need grooming.

Springer Spaniels are double coated, an outer layer which is water proof and a softer undercoat. They will also moult and shed these coats a couple of times per year – and this can be a nightmare for your home.

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